Treehouse for The Undertaker



Double Slide Pirate Ship


Pirate ship & Tree house


Montana Pirate ship and tree house project is complete. Water cannons, balloon launchers, slide, swings and just a fun place for kids to have fun and explore.


Pirate ship & Rapunzel Tree house

Malibu, California



Atlanta, GA

Tiny Town Studios Tinker Bell’s Tree House is any little girls dream! This Tree House comes with custom concrete Tree, working water wheel and pond, large 20 ft of deck space, multiple whimsical shacks, interior package including lighting, finished interior, and fairy tale furniture. Unit also has bunk beds and sleeps 5 kids.


Fish Camp Shanty

Beaumont, TX

The Fish Shanty Tree House Play Structure comes with our famous concrete hand sculpted tree base that has door access to ladder inside up to hatch in floor or shack, leaves, knot hole windows with whimsical roof and porch area, bark peels and choice of name carving into tree. Shack is a oversized 7×9 shack with 4×7 porch all in a whimsical rustic theme, includes rustic package with metal roof and antique décor and signage. Play items consist of rock wall, 14ft super slide, swings, tire swing inside hammocks and many other decorative features to make this a fun tree house for years to come. Tiny Town Studios build our projects to last not just to get a season or two like the box store play sets that you see in most back yards falling apart. Our tree houses are not just for kids! Great for coffee in the morning, reading a book or just enjoying the great outdoors and or a quiet time nap.


Castaway Tarzan Treehouse

Seattle, WA

The Castaway Tarzan tree house is an adventure for the whole family!
Consisting of our one of a kind sculpted concrete tree bases, working water wheel, massive deck, bamboo railings, double timber pole supports , with Buccaneer ship bow attached, large thatched roof shack that is
7 ft x 8ft and get this, a 12 ft ceiling height with exposed rafters cross beams inside! This thing is big. Hinged bunk beds as well!
Swings, slide, monkey bars, rope climb, rock wall, signage, pirate island decor etc etc.


The Cedar Palace

Kansas-MLB Star

The Cedars Palace is an XL version of our Country Cabin. This tree house has a 8×10 main floor space plus an additional 12 sq ft area for slide or table and bench set.
This tree house also comes with our biggest concrete sculpted tree with an 8ft diameter. Heck, the tree itself is bigger than most play structures you buy in a box store! Live edge cedar siding, cedar slab trims, window boxes and shutters, bunk beds, rust package, crooked dormer, double porches, unique cedar post and swing beam with a cedar bench swing, monkey bars, rock wall and staircase give this unit it’s very own unique beauty that would look awesome in your own backyard, lake house or on the ranch.


Exotic Treehouse

Bryan, TX

The Exotic Tree House was specifically designed for a Texas Ranch with a design themed around African Airlines crashed at the ranch carrying exotic animals which are now on the loose. Even a Tasmanian Devil has escaped his crate. This tree house project was equipped with an XL Country Cabin, XL 8 ft concrete sculpted tree base, 8 ft stone pond with working water wheel and water tower which serves as the platform for a 200 ft zip line, airplane with exotic animals sticking out as on board crashed onto a Huckleberry tree house shack, whiskey still, barrels, crates, ranch columns gate and stone side walls, etc. etc. etc.


Rapunzel’s Castle

Houston, TX

Tiny Town Studios and it’s Creationeers have created a little girls dream, Rapunzel’s Castle Tree House! This whimsical tree house comes complete with concrete sculpted tower and house accented with a whimsical roof, balcony, rock wall, 14ft super slide, swing beam and 2 cedar slab swings, greenery accents, interior finished, custom paint and Rupunzel’s Hair rope braid. This tree house is filled with imagination fun for years to come.


Country Cabin and Play Tower

Tomball, TX

The Country Cabin custom Tree House. This unit has live edge cedar siding, cedar beams, concrete 8ft sculpted tree base with door and knot hole window, whimsical roof, oversized country cabin 7ft x 11ft and 7 1/2 ceiling hgt. Cabin includes bunk beds and table, secret hatch, front and back porches, lights, mash still and crooked dormer. Theme comes with working water mill wheel and concrete sculpted pond on left and outhouse on right with half doors. Play tower is a water barrel play tower that includes 8ft wood rock wall, 14ft super slide, 8ft monkey bars and swing bridge that connects to back porch. Beneath has secret hatch with rope ladder to hideout area. Also a tire swing was located under the back porch and a 10ft high 2 swing beam off the right side of front porch. Rustic metal package and picker items and signage make up the details to finish this incredible tree house!


Pirate Tree House

Friendswood, TX

A Pirate’s Life For Me! The Pirate Tree House is a custom Tree House for that little Capt. Jack and comes with it’s own concrete hand sculpted tree base. No tree no problem, we make them! Comes with 6 x 8 main play house with secret hatch in floor, cannon flap windows, mast, sails, rigging ,pirate décor, pirates, porch, concrete tree base with leaves, door, ladder up to secret hatch and 2 swings. MANY other features and play equip. can be added to this exciting play unit. You can add lighting, bunk beds, tube slide, straight slide, net climb, rock wall. The sky is the limit!


The Grayson

Denison, TX-NFL Star

Tiny Town Studios and it’s Creationeers have created another masterpiece, “The Grayson”! This fun filled whimsical tree house has so many elements at every turn. Whimsical tree with lighted door and dormer, porch, big bird house, working water wheel and pond, oversized 12 x12 main deck, Whimsical 6×8 shack, 7ft Octagon Crows Nest Play Tower with mast pole, rigging and weathered sail, tube slide, swing bridge, rope climb and climbing rock wall. Another swing bridge over to shipwreck bow section with water cannon, ships wheel, pirate skeleton stem figure head, zip line and access door. Swings, signage, rustic details and much much more!


Whimsy Rustic

League City, TX

The Whimsy Rustic Tree House is another creation by Tiny Town Studios! What a fun tree house that has the cool feature of one of our concrete sculpted tree bases with porch, door, knot hole windows, whimsical roof accents and stem leaves for those little detailed touches Tiny Town Studios puts into all our projects. The ladder inside the tree takes you up into the 5×7 whimsy shack that has an open timber rafter design that allows a lot of air flow through on those hot summer days. The additional 3×7 porch area allows for slides, rock walls, rope climbs and other types of play equipment to be attached. Pick and choose what you want! Swing beams with thick cedar slab seats and a tire swing really makes this tree house set apart from those big box store play units falling apart in your neighbors yard.


The Huckleberry

Decatur, TX

“The Huckleberry” Tree House is our best bang for your buck! 5X5 Rustic Crooked Shack, approximate 8ft inside height, walls taper out to 6FT to give even a bigger feel on the inside and an additional 3 x5 front porch that all set on top of our Custom Concrete sculpted tree base that comes with porch, knot hole windows with roof treatments, access ladder in tree up into secret hatch in shack. Package comes with rope climb, rock wall and swing beam. Many color options available as well.


Open Rustic

Friendswood, TX

Custom Tree House by Tiny Town Studios which features one of our hand sculpted concrete tree bases “The Stumpy” for a 5ft deck height . No Tree? No Problem! We build them as the support system and they weigh in at 1500lbs. Each tree comes with access door, porch area, knot hole windows and whimsical roofs, stem leaf accents, custom paint and bark peels which can be customized for name engraving included. Ladder access inside to go up into shack above. The open rustic tree house has main crooked picket shack, staircase with gate, 8ft swing bridge over to play tower which includes rock wall or net climb, 6ft light commercial scoop slide, custom cedar adult swing beneath, rustic décor, bucket pulley, timber swing beam with rustic cedar slab swings or strap swings, tire swings, etc. Custom crooked dog house, signage, live edge roof or rustic metal roof. The open concept tree house is great for those hot summer days where the breeze can continue to keep kids cool all day.


Pirate Shack

Beaumont, TX

Arrrgh, Beware of Pirates! Another Pirate theme tree house sitting on one of our hand sculpted concrete tree bases weighing in at 1800lbs. Comes with swing and monkey bar package. Secret hatch, pirate theme décor, signage, crows nest, mast pole, rigging, weathered sail, powder barrels, cannon balls, tiki torches and pirate flag. Shack has ships wheel, sight glass and cannon port hole flaps and much much more!


Fish Shanty

Conroe, TX

The Fish Shanty Tree House is perfect for that lake house or any water front property. Comes with our one of kind concrete sculpted trees weighing in at 1800 lbs. Has rustic weathered package, signage, props, slide, swings, monkey bars, secret hatch and much much more! Custom built to your needs such as color choice, accessories and play equipment.


In a Tree, Tree House

Dickinson, TX


Backyard Oasis


Little fun oasis finished for our friends in South Carolina. Tree Houses, mini golf, lagoon with Tic Tock water feature and a 4 hole pro putting green.


Tom Sawyer Tree House

Tom Sawyer Island complete with even a raft to get over to it. Rope swing, water cannons and balloon launchers to ward of those suspecting pirates.


Little Rascals Tree House



Cajun Tree House

Water cannons, balloon launchers, slide, swings and a Fishin’ Cajun Gator.


Backyard Crash Site Tree House

Chicago, IL


Princess Castle

Dallas, TX

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