The Vanilla Ice Project


Season 5, Episode 6

Outdoor Oasis

“The Oasis” Pirate ship is 8ft wide main frame and 18ft long consisting of 2 sections which can be separated for even more distance. Pirate d├ęcor, rigging, weathered sail, cannons (which can be made to shoot water as these on this project), pirates, ships wheel, crows nest, cannon port flaps, signage, etc, Fully customizable in size and features.

Season 5, Episode 6-Outdoor Oasis


Season 6, Episode 7

Temple of Renovation

Temple of Renovation Tree House is an Imaginary playground for kids and adults alike! This tree house comes with our famous concrete tree base, large crashed plane and Mayan Temple water fountain for those hot summer days and lots of details!
This unit can be place directly on the ground or on a splash pad like being installed here.

Season 6, Episode 7-Temple of Renovation


Season 7, Episode 11

Spacing Out

Season 7, Episode 11

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